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Process Accountability

  • Courage To Start – Deciding to take that first step
  • One Step AtATime: Start small. Learn and grow bit by bit
  • Make A Plan- What is your best guess on how to accomplish this step?
  • Adapt&Overcome – (Chaos/Failure/Hardships) Anytime you come across one of these situations (and you will), get up, make adjustments, and continue the process. In some cases, you may have to start the process over again.
  • Enjoy Your Journey – The journey is the fun part! Have an attitude of gratitude. Enjoy the good times. Know your journey is unique. Do not compare your journey to others or worry about how long it takes.
  • Commitment/Patience: It takes as long as it needs to take.
  • Attention to Detail – The harder the task, the more attention to detail matters. Focus on all that is required and not just the bits and pieces that you FEEL like doing.
  • Prioritize Development of Mental & Emotional Health- Necessary to constantly adapt and overcome. Learn self-awareness and self-regulation. Learn how the mind works. Improveinner speech complexity.

    Dismantle Ego: Judgmental, Prideful, Insecure, Afraid, Arrogant (ego limits awareness)

  • Collaboration:Learn to work with people and not against them. Focus on what the team is able to accomplish and don’t let the ego intrude.
  • Accomplishing Goals- Keep puzzles assembled to remember accomplishments. Remembering times that you did do, gives you confidence in what you can do.
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