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Operation Collaboration

  • Recall and Implement steps from process accountability guide
  • Eliminate Ego – Ego can be judgmental, prideful, afraid, insecure, and /or arrogant
  • Speak without criticism, defensiveness, stonewalling, and contempt
  • Communication is ……. 55% body language/facial expressions 38% Tone of Voice 7% Words
  • Avoid Comparisons: Learn to work with others and not against each other. This is not a competition and there is no timetable for completion.
  • Give more than you Get: A fundamental partof effective collaboration is having a sense of generosity.
  • Support and Encourage Each Other: Be someone people want to collaborate with. Give compliments often. Have an open mind to other’sthoughts and opinions.
  • Ask question and listen – Instead of jumping to conclusions about how you think things should go, ask for ideas from others and respect their perspective.
  • Accept and Build on the Ideas of Others One method is by using “Yes, and…”. This is a sentence starter, used to show that we are fully receiving, acknowledging, and accepting what others have to offer.

Questions to Consider

What are my personal strengths and weaknesses?

How can those strengths be best used to accomplish the goal?

How do we make sure everyone’s voice is heard and not just the Alpha’s in the group?

Is there a problem? What are some possible causes for the problem? What are some possible ways we can solve the problem?

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