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Mental Health / Exercise

Choose one of the mental objectives below each time you sit to work on your puzzle.

Strengthen brain /Mental Exercise

Jigsaw puzzles are one of the few mental exercises that work the right and left brain simultaneously.Imagine each jigsaw piece being the equivalent to a dumbbell. Each time you fit a jigsaw piece; you will be doing a mental exercise repetition for your brain. Develop a mental workout routine to keep your mind sharp and functioning at a high level.

Improvement of Inner Speech Complexity

Our inner speech complexity is made up of the people, ideas, and beliefs we listen to. With that in mind, we want to use this time to improve upon and make a positive change to the information that we have stored within our brains. Pick a topic such as self-help, words of affirmation, knowledge on a new topic or any other area that you want to focus on. While puzzling, use this time to listen to specific audio sources that go along with the knowledge you want to acquire. Some suggestions on where to find materialinclude audiobooks, YouTube, and Podcast. Allow these words and messages to seep into your subconscious and take up residence in your mind.

Meditation and Mood Enhancement

When you exercise your brain correctly, you enhance connective tissue between the neurons in your brain to help them function better and faster.Like body builders to a gym,your time puzzling will be used to train, sustain,and strengthen the most powerful organ in your body………the brain!

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