Membership Requirements

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Membership Benefits

  • No fees ever!
  • Participation incentives that offer experiences, outlets and opportunities.
  • An entertaining way to Improve the mental health and wellness of yourself and others.

Annual Requirements

  • Complete3 jigsaw puzzles, each with a selected purpose.
  • Be an accountability partner for 2 people on their puzzling journey.
  • Volunteer at 1 fundraising event.

Choose a puzzle / Choose a purpose

  • The puzzles can be one of your choosing or one of our brand-new puzzles.
  • From our list, select the purpose you wish to undertake while completing your puzzle.
  • Before you begin your puzzle, you must inform us on which purpose you select. This is so that we can keep a record and also so that we can assign you an accountability partner.
  • In order to receive credit for a completed puzzle, members must post a picture of themselves alongside the completed puzzle.The social media post should include a short summary on which purpose you chose and how it helped you. Make sure to tag us in the photo so that you can receive credit. The social media postings are important because it gives donors and sponsors an opportunity to see the impact of their donations. If you do not have access to social media then you can email us the required information and we will post it on our platforms.
  • As a member, each time you complete the process of puzzling with a purpose, you will become eligible for free incentives that include fun experiences, life changing opportunities, and positive outlets within the community.

Accountability Partner (required of those 18 years of age and up)

Being a part of the club also requires you to help others.Being an accountability partner means supporting and encouraging another individual as they undertake their own puzzle journey. The individual must be one given to you by our organization. We will ask for accountability partner volunteers as the need arises. We suggest a weekly reach out (call/text) to give them encouragement and to speak with them about some of the ups and downs of their selected puzzle/purpose. Once they have completed their puzzle and purpose requirements, you will be credited with an accountability partner completion.

Fundraising Event Volunteer

As a club member, we ask that you volunteer for at least one fundraising event annually. As you may know, this is important because our donors play an essential role in providing revenue for our organization’s mission.

If you are interested in joining our club, please fill out the information below and someone will get back with you soon.

If you are under 18 years of age, the form must be filled out by a guardian.

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