Choose Your Purpose

*Each purpose can be done in groups if desired.

1. Process Accountability*

Want more freedom, choice, and control in your life? Learning and implementing these steps will give you the courage to take life head on. We strongly suggest that you start your puzzling journey here. This guide will be very useful in helping you navigate through other purpose objectives listed below.

2. Family/Friends/Couples Bonding Time

A judgment free zone, where you can engage in conversations and enjoy quality time with those you love. Reap the benefits of building your puzzle, while also building a bond with those closes to you.

3. Mental Health /Exercise

When you exercise your brain correctly, you enhance connective tissue between the neurons in your brain to help them function better and faster.Like body builders to a gym, your time puzzling will be used to train, sustain, and strengthen the most powerful organ in your body………the brain!

4. Operation Collaboration

Successful collaboration occurs when we share a common goal, combine our strengths, and help each other out. Collaborative working encourages communication, flexibility, and knowledge sharing. Without a hierarchy, all of them embers are established on the same level. Everyone can give their opinion and put forward their ideas. As you work together to solve your puzzle, focus on effective collaborating and don’t let the ego intrude.