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About Us

At Puzzles With Purpose, we have one aim that has been the guiding principle of our efforts – to serve humanity and amplify love. We do that by exploring how puzzles can be used not only to inspire and empower but also to improve confidence.  We believe that just like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, all of us are unique and our differences unite us.

Puzzles With Purpose was founded in 2020 by Air Force Veteran and ECU graduate, LaRon Parks, who strongly believes in the old adage, “if you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life”. Taking that to heart, we started this nonprofit initiative, which creates a bridge between our passion for jigsaw puzzles and humanity in general.

We Bring People and Communities Together

At Puzzles With Purpose, we believe that diversity adds spice to life which is why we welcome people from a range of backgrounds and walks of life into our circle. This includes individuals who see the world from perspectives that are different from the norm or which make sense to them, but not others.

Using puzzles as a medium, we allow such individuals to express themselves in ways that can help them connect with the people around them and by showing them unconditional love and support. To increase awareness about mental and emotional health in the community, we introduce communities and a range of demographics to jigsaw puzzles as a medium of expression.

We Strive to Make a Difference

The activity is fun, straight forward, and is best enjoyed with the company of others – three characteristics that have made Puzzles With Purpose a triumph. In fact, we don’t stop there. We also work to partner with equally passionate individuals and organizations who want to use our puzzles for the greater good and to make their corporate events stand out.

The benefits of puzzles as a team-building activity are second to none. Besides relieving stress, they also encourage people to think strategically, which enhances mental prowess. By partnering with us, several organizations have been able to bring teams from different departments together for a single purpose – to work as a team as a whole organization rather than different entities.

That is pretty much what completing puzzles is all about. At Puzzles With Purpose, we use our puzzles as metaphorical tools to spread our message of unity and love for all. In our experience, it is the most non-invasive (not to mention enjoyable) way to make differences disappear to acquire a single result – a whole picture that cannot be completed without collaboration.

We are always excited to work with people who are as passionate about puzzles as we are. Get in touch with us today!


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